Essay on “An Unwelcome Guest” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

An Unwelcome Guest


A guest is a person who is invited to a particular place, our house or in an organization. He/she is greeted warmly, honoured and respected. However, there are certain guests who are not welcomed. One of them is Mr. Khavachand who lives in our society and finds different reasons to visit our house under different pretexts.

Mr. Khavachand visits us frequently and always without informing us. He 4ows that my mother is a working person and we all have a busy day. My parents go to their office, while we have to go to our school and tuitions on time. He always comes on wrong time of the day with his different requests. Mostly he visits when we are just. about to finish our breakfast or are locking up the house.

When he comes, one of us has to stay back and serve him. Mostly I have to stay back as I am the eldest of my brothers. For his unwelcomed visit, many times I get late to school and receive punishment. I have to offer him breakfast and tea. He takes two cups of tea and his breakfast lasts for at least an hour reading couple of newspapers and cracking stupid jokes. Mr. Khavachand is very fussy about his food. I can never make anything to his satisfaction. He does not like food cooked in our style and goes on giving a running commentary on how badly I have cooked and how I should have cooked. However, he gobbles everything served.

I have to entertain him because we are taught that guests are just like God. Mr. Khavachand is a very easy-going person. He never cares for others time. Sometimes he uses our bathroom in morning. He takes his own time in taking bath and getting ready. Although we get late for our routine but we have to tolerate with a smiling face.

He is not at all thoughtful. We have to undergo great inconvenience when he rings our doorbell to pass the night at our house under the excuse of mosquitoes disturbing his sleep. He does not bring his own pillow and blanket. Moreover, he uses our telephone freely. He not only makes local calls but also long distance calls. He never cares to pay for them to my father.

Mr. Khavachand wants my father to take him around in our new car on every Sunday. As long as he is there in our society, the whole routine of our household will remain upset.

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