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A Visit to My Native Place


My native place is a peaceful, noiseless, pollution free and beautiful small town. For its location and cool environment, one can enjoy the beauty of nature. Due to scarce population, people do not reside too close to one another. Even our cottage is at a distance from other cottages. Flowers, fruits, trees, small plants and vegetables surround our cottage. All this makes the surrounding look green and fresh. One can see mountain at a distance touching the clouds. This further beautifies the surroundings.

During this vacation, I visited to my native place to spend a few days with my grandparents. I have many friends waiting for my return in vacations. I play and run with them for the entire day, especially on the big ground that lies behind our cottage. We play many traditional games such as hide-and-seek, police-thief, kabaddi and chasing each other. This year I had carried a couple of cricket bats and a few balls to play cricket with my friends. Daily we played until the sky got dark.

During this year’s visit to my native place, an unforgettable incident had taken place. Gaurav was my classmates when I used to study in one of the local school there. By watching him, I started assuming that students who got bad marks must be bad in their lives. Even Gaurav was the one who got poor grades in our class. He always failed in doing his homework. He was frequently scolded by the teachers. For that reason, my friends and I believed that he was an unhelpful and a bad boy. Thus, we stood away from him.

This year during my visit to native place, one day after playing, I was returning home. Suddenly, I saw a small child who was about to drown in the well. I was shocked at the sight. People were standing surrounding the well and shouting for help. Nobody dared to jump into the well to rescue the child. Suddenly somebody jumped in the well and with great difficulties rescued the drowning boy. After trying very hard, he succeeded in bringing the child out of the well. However, the boy who saved the life of the child was completely exhausted. I was so amazed when I saw him because he was non-another than Gaurav.

This year’s visit to my native place has taught me a good lesson of life. From that day. I have started thinking twice before building an opinion about any person. Whenever I visit to my native place, it always reminds me about my initial school years. Living among such friendly and simple people. is certainly a real pleasure to me.


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