Essay on “A Personal Victory” for school, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Essay on “A Personal Victory”

A personal victory is crucial and all important as it instills in us the much deeded confidence which helps us move forward. It may be a small step or a huge leap but success is that factor which builds self- esteem and eggs us on.

Every year, after the New Year bash, when I get back home I take time out and meticulously write down my resolutions for the New Year in my new diary. As the year progresses, I keep ticking the ones I’ve cleared and with each tick comes a feel good factor which pushes me to take on the next agenda. The ones that remain unfinished (one or two points always manage to stick out unceremoniously) are carried forward to the next year with disappointment. However, the other successes do not let me brood over these failures for long. A little boy I know took up the challenge of getting over his aversion for bananas. He would steel himself as the fruit approached hint and without batting an eyelid he would bravely eat it, controlling every urge to throw up. In time, he actually began to Like it. It was a great victory for him, not to mention his parents!

There are times when a string of failures gets us under-confident and adages like “failure is the stepping stone to success” do nothing for us. At such times, if we set smaller targets and achieve them we can build up that self-esteem and bounce right back.

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