Essay, Biography, Speech on ‘Maharana Pratap’ Complete Biography in 400 Words for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Biography of ‘Maharana Pratap’

Rana Pratap was born to father Maharana Udai Singh II and mother Maharani Javantha Bai Songara on 9th May 1540, (Jyestha Sudi), third day of Vikram Era 1597 in Ardh Nakshatra. Though born at Kumbhalgarh fort, some historians believe it to be “Juni Kacheri” near Pali District. His birth was considered auspicious and predictions were made about the glory he will bring to the clan. His education was worthy of a prince and early he mastered the warfare tactics and weaponry. Jealousy among the queens of Udai Singh however, resulted in depriving Maharana Pratap from father’s love and royalty and forced him to live in village below the ridge of Chittorgarh. There he was raised by his maternal grandfather Akheraj Sonagar (pali) who soon died in a battle. Maharana Pratap got married to Ajabade (daughter of Rao Ram Rakh Panwar), at the age of 17 and were soon blessed by a son named Amar Singh.

In a coronation performed at Gogunda, Maharana Pratap has crowned the 54th king in the lineage of Sisodia Rajputs Girding Pratap with the sword, thrice touching the ground, hailed him the “King of Mewar.” By the year 1573, Akbar, the then Mughal king had control of Chittorgarh. But to realize his dream of being the Jahanpanah of Hindustan he needed to bring the ruling state of Mewar under him which wouldn’t be possible under the rule of Maharana Pratap.

Rana Pratap had the very strong support of the indigenous tribe of Mewar- Bhils, who fought with him till end and sacrificed their lives for the Honor of their ruler. Akbar launched an offensive against Rana Pratap in A.D. 1576 after all the efforts, to bring Rana Pratap to his servitude failed.

Akbar established his headquarters at Ajmer and this became one of the 22 subahs of Akbar’s empire.

To save the honor of their land against the mighty Mughal army with the strength of two lakh soldiers, there stood the twenty two thousand on that day 7th of Sawan Sanwat 1632 (July 1576), for the defense of Haldighati and only eight thousand quitted the field alive.

Maharana Pratap served (struggled) for 25 years and died a peaceful death on January 19, 1597 at Chawand, the capital founded by him in deep hills south of Udaipur.

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