English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Postman” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 CBSE, ICSE Board Examination

The Postman

The postman is a very humble worker; and, especially in the country, where he has to go long journeys on foot, he has a tiring job. But he is an important part of a great system, which would break down but for him.

Just think what a lot of things have to be done so that we can get our letters every day, and send letters to our friends in far-off places. When we post a letter, a postman has to come at a fixed time to open the letter-box and take all the letters and postcards he finds there to the post office. Their clerks sort the letters, and stamp them, and put them into different bags to different places. All these bags are carried to the railway station at the proper time in a post-office van and handed over to the guard of the train to be put in the mail van. The train starts on its long journey, and all the way clerks inside the mail-van are arranging the letters and bags, so as to give them out at the right stations. When the train reaches the station of the town to which our letter is addressed, the bag with all the letters for that place is handed out of the train. It is then taken in the post-office van to the head Post-office, and then the bags are opened, the letters taken out, stamped and arranged, and done up in packets for postmen to take out. One postman takes our letter in his pocket and finds the house of our friend to whom we wrote, and at last, gives him our letter.

So the postman is the first and last link in the long chain that connects us with our distant friends. One postman first collects our letter, and after it has made a long journey, another postman, at last, gives it to our friend. So postmen do very useful work, they are part of the great system by which people in all parts of the world can keep in touch with each other.

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