English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on Monument “Temple Nalanda Vihar II” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Temple Nalanda Vihar II

Nalanda is the site of the great Nalanda University, founded in the fifth century A.D. The site contains the remains of 11 monasteries and several chaityas (temples) built mainly in red brick, a large stairway, a library, lecture halls, dormitories, cells, ovens and wells.

The dimensions of the site are incredible. The 11 monasteries are surrounded by several noble tanks and religious buildings. The Temple Number 2, lies east of monasteries Number 7 and 8. The only really irregular part of this scheme is Temple Number 2. It housed many beautiful Hindu images with carved panels of Rama and Sita. A typical monastery consisted of an entrance gateway which opened on to a large rectangular courtyard for communal work.

The courtyard is widened by verandahs, stretched over to all the four sides. A small shrine, usually placed at the rear, housed an image and served as a prayer room for the monastery.

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