English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on Monument “Jain Temples of Mt. Abu” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Jain Temples of Mt. Abu

Mount Abu, Rajasthan’s prime pilgrimage centre, possesses magnificent Jain shrines. There are four main Jain temples namely Chaumukha Temple, Adinatha Temple, Rishabh Deo Temple, and Newminatha Temple. These temples are aligned east to west with entrances facing the rising sun. These temples finally lead to the sanctum where the central image is placed.

The concept of designs engraved on the wall either inside or outside is consistent with Jain philosophy, based on the belief that all entities on earth, in whichever form they are, all carry the seed of potential perfection. The interior is decorated with pale white marble depicting numerous forms of female goddesses of learning and wisdom, animals, creepers and floral motifs. The use of hard marbles, which allowed every subtle and intricate design to flourish, makes the Jain temples an example of high-class workmanship. Marbles had been rubbed to create a satin smoothness and a cream-like softness in stone.

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