English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on Monument “Gwalior Fort” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Gwalior Fort

The majestic fortress of Gwalior is situated on a flat-topped isolated rocky sandstone and basalt hill 100 meters above the plains, commanding a spectacular view. Gwalior, as a line of defense, is superior to most of the other fortresses of North India and for this reason was the bone of contention for generations of Delhi rulers.

The fort is entered through a series of no less than six gates, built over many centuries. The lowest one on the north-east side is called Alamgir. Close by is the Gujari Mahal, one of the finest museums of sculpture in the country. The next one is Hindola Pol which is a fine specimen of stately Hindu secular architecture with bold details, balconied windows, and a broad arch. After the Hindola Pol, are the two monumental Bhairon and Ganesh gateways. The most beautiful structure in the fort is Hathi Pol. It is called Hathi Pol because in medieval times it was guarded by two life-like stone elephants. Next to it is the most sensational portion of the Fort, the Man Mandir.

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