English Essay on “Vulgarity in The Films” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Vulgarity in The Films

The vulgarity portrayed in Indian and foreign films are spoiling the social environment all over the world. The people have become crazy and shameless after watching such kind of films. There is an increase in the number of rapes due to the indecent portrayal of woman on the screen. The men have started considering woman as the cheap commodity available in the market, because of the loose character of the woman displayed in the films.

In the past, woman was given abundant respect, as they possessed a strong character and had control over their emotions. Now the girls have lost self-control. They have become crazy for money and success. Sex is not a taboo for them.

They don’t have any control over themselves. The men are better than women in this respect. They are more responsible and hard-working than women. They have more sympathies for others then the women. Most of the women of the world are leading themselves into degradation by wrong acts. They are also spoiling the reputation of other women who are different than these kind of women. There are a lot of characterful and decent women, who have abundant self-control.

But these days, good women are very few in numbers. Presently there are more good men than good women in the world. The actors and actresses, who are ready to shed their clothes for money and success, must realize that this is not the right way to attain success in life, it’s better to take up a small profession, and rise up in life with decent means, rather than to choose a high profession and lose your character to achieve the goal of your life.

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