English Essay on “Video Games—Its Impact on Children” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Video Games—Its Impact on Children

The children of the modern world have become extremely obsessed of the video games. Some of them are getting electric shocks in China for getting mad for them. Many children have become insane due to their craze for video games. The children neither study nor play educational games, they have become so much addicted to the video games, that they remained involved in them for twelve hours a day. The video games are making the children crazy, as they have become out of control after the invention of video games. Here are some practical suggestions through which the children can regain their control of mind and eliminate the craze for video games:

The parents should lovingly convince their children about the bad impact of video games. They should be taught that too much obsession of anything is bad. We should not become so much involved in anything, that we are not able to live without it. We must have control over our desires and not do things beyond certain limits, as it would ruin our career and make our lives miserable.

Give an alternative game to your child to play. For instance, bring him the cricket set and tell him to play for an hour daily with his friends. Any outdoor game is a very good sport for the health and personality of the child. It shall improve his health and make him smart and dynamic. But the child should not exceed the limits in any sport.

The best alternative of video-games is computer education. Buy a computer for your child or admit him in a computer institute. The child shall love to learn about software and hardware and could make a career in computer technology. If he doesn’t make a career in computers, then at least he shall enhance his brain power and intelligence through educational programs of computers.

The child should not be totally prohibited from playing video games. He should be allowed to play video games once or twice a week, and that too for one-or two hours, after the completion of his homework. Don’t allow the child to become crazy for video games else the child’s entire life shall become worthless and miserable.

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