English Essay on “Travelling A Part of Education” 250 Words Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Board Exam.

Travelling A Part of Education

Travel for the young is a part of education. Life is real, life is practical but much of what a man learns from books is theoretical. Therefore, he is required to have practical knowledge of men and things. This practical knowledge is gathered from the firsthand knowledge of the outside world.

The more a man travels, the more he sees of the world. A young man who has never set foot out of his home grows a narrow outlook.

Travelling does not only give us a better understanding of other people but at the same time it enables us to have an impartial and detached view of our own accomplishment

Travelling encourages a sense of enterprise, action and adventure. History is full of such instances where ignorant and timid people have been subjected to domination by enterprising and daring nations.

Travelling is a source of joy and pleasure. Today science has made travelling easy, swift and comfortable.

Travelling teaches us the value of sociability and good manners. We grow tolerant, modest and self-assertive. The free intercourse with other people tends to make us broad-minded, accommodating and truly intelligent

However, in order we may profit by travel, we must travel with open eyes, an open mind and a sympathetic heart. It is essential that we must possess charity and courtesy. We must not only travel for the sale of pleasure but with a desire to see, learn and understand. It is true that no education is complete without travelling.

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