English Essay on Slow and Steady Wins the Race, English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The key to the accomplishment of any task is labour, patience and perseverance. While the fabled tortoise pipped the hare at the post due to its steady diligence and determination, the hare rested, content that a slow tortoise could never triumph.

With this moral of the slow and steady winning the race uppermost in one’s thoughts, one should tackle one’s day-to-day tasks. A close look at the maxim will make it evident that perseverance is the hallmark of success. However monumental the work at hand may be, never give up. Try, try and try, till you reach your goal or destination. It may take you a while to achieve success, but once you have succeeded, you will feel like throwing your cap high up in the air and jumping for joy. Patience is crucial in this process, and it does pay rich dividends.

Like the proverbial tortoise, let us learn not to be in a terrific haste to finish our work at the cost of quality. You might be planning to write a book, and jot down ideas as and when they come. Then, instead of going about it methodically and meticulously, you may spoil – your image by bringing out a hastily produced book that may become an eyesore! Like the boastful hare, you might have bragged about your book before it was out, and then you might be forced to shamefacedly withdraw into your shell.

The thought that you may lose if you are slow may nag you, but ultimately, working away steadily will surely take you to your goal. Your every effort will be crowned with success. With a keen eye to the minutest detail, and with a firm determination to see the rewards of your labour, you cannot but win laurels.

People working in fits and starts, like the hare who basked in the false glory of positively winning the race, will never taste success. Their work never gets completed.

There is an oft-repeated saying that perseverance can even move mountains. The thought does boggle the mind! But in reality, if you have the determination and will power, and the patience to work steadily towards achieving your target, then nothing can stop you from attaining the seemingly impossible. Progress is automatic, and will come on its own. Be attentive, and ponder over your deeds, and you will meet success halfway.

Be slow rather than hasty and wasteful. No matter how arduous and uphill your task is, and how monotonous and dreary it is, do not slacken and give up halfway. Try to see the light at the end of the tunnel and be firm and steady in your resolve. Work steadily and progressively towards it. Sweet will be the successes that follow.

Great inventors have shown wonderful endurance and determination in their pursuits. Success to them did not come easily, but they never gave up. Today, they are remembered with great admiration and honour. Slow and steady performance tells you about the value of continuous effort.

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