English Essay on “Reform Bad Habits” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Reform Bad Habits

There are numerous men and women in the world, who form bad habits due to their negative state of mind. Some people form had habits due to frustration from life, some out of ignorance and some are not able to discriminate between right and wrong, thus they consider all wrong things as right.

People from many kind of bad habits. Some take to wines, others to drug addiction or prostitution. Many people idle away their time in night clubs with so called advanced boys and girls.

These kinds of habits make our lives miserable and we have to lead the wild life of the animals on the earth, because of our bad habits our life becomes confused and miserable when we are not able to get away from our bad habits. There is no peace and happiness in our lives.

 Just take for instance, a father-in-law who keeps on troubling his daughter-in-law with unusual demands sometimes he orders her to give him medicines and other times tells her to give him something to eat. Then he tells her to prepare delicious foods for him everyday. He needs three cups of tea everyday at the time fixed by him. He also doesn’t treat her with due respect, and abuse her if she doesn’t fulfill his needs. The daughter-in-law gets fed up with him and tells her husband to find some other place for him. The father-in-law leaves his home and stays in an old age home, where he is again told by the manager to find out some other place for himself as his company is spoiling the other members of the old age home.

Now the old man doesn’t have any place to live. This is the consequence of his own deeds. Had he not troubled others with his bad habits, others would have adjusted with him, but he had created problems for himself by causing trouble to others.

Every person, who forms bad habits has to bear drastic consequences for doing so. If a person gets accustomed of taking drugs, then he can never do his job properly, and thus remains dependent on others for his livelihood. Such people are condemned by the society.

One must reform his bad habits; else he becomes the burden on the society.

Here are some suggestions through which one can correct his bad habits and become one of the valuable citizens of his country:

Firstly, say sincere prayers to Almighty God to help you to reform your had habits.

Have tremendous belief in yourself, that you would certainly reform all your bad habits one day.

Close your eyes for 10 minutes everyday and imagine all your had habits turning to trash one by one. Imagine that all your had habits are being thrown into the dustbin.

If it’s impossible to leave all your bad habits at once, then try to leave them slowly and gradually.

For instance, if you are used of taking three pegs of wine, then take two for a few days and then start taking one peg till you finally leave it altogether. The same method is applicable with drug-addiction. Reduce the quantity of drugs with each passing day, till you get rid of them.

Eat and drink nutritious items to keep yourself healthy. Take lemon water or apple juice instead of liquor and keep yourself hale and hearty till death.

You could reform all your had habits with your will power and determination and become the precious gems of our society with your valuable contributions in the progress and prosperity of the country.

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