English Essay on “My Neighbours” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

My Neighbours


Person or people living next door of our home are our neighbours. He or she or the family living may be to our liking or may not be- we don’t have choices and so have to keep smiling and be in control at times.

Neighbours are of different types- some friendly. some very helpful & thoughtful, some very dependable, some unapproachable and some just exist.

In the years before when people were not so busy with their lives, they had time to get friendly, spend time talking, sharing happy events or sorrow. Neighbours had time & got to know each other better. Today, there is no time even to know who one’s neighbour is or spend time with them. Have we become too self- centered? If people were too close and sometimes, interfering kind earlier, today it’s don’t care or very formal attitude. The result-people don’t get help during emergency or even hesitate to call their neighbour.

My neighbour. luckily, an active family though irritating sometimes, is very friendly and helpful. The husband and wife though working, have made it a habit to come to my home once a month for a chat and their children play with me quarrel, but come asking for colors, help in drawing or project work. My family take their help when required and do not take things too seriously when there is a misunderstanding. My neighbour too has understood our likes and dislikes and behaves accordingly.

There have been good and memorable times we spent together. We bump into each other daily and enter our homes only after a chat. It’s important to know one’s neighbour, being a social animal. We must take time to know mingle respect and like our neighbours, because they are the people who are close to us than anyone else. Knowing and communicating with them is very important.

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