English Essay on “My Favorite Dish” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.c

My Favorite Dish

Aloo mutter Duns aloo, aloo pakora…. The list is endless. My love for potatoes began as a baby when I tasted mashed potatoes for the very first time! Soon I was picking out potatoes from every dish and polishing them off.

Unarguably, my favourite potato dish is Aloo paratha. Hot, plump aloo parathas smothered with butter and eaten with pickle and a bowl full of dahi; I am sure your mouth is watering too! It is my only choice for breakfast when on a picnic or as brunch on a Sunday morning.

Although the aloo paratha originated in Punjab, it is now an integral part of most Indian households. It is loved by most mothers for it’s versatility as it can be eaten for breakfast, rolled up in the lunch box or consumed either as an after school snack or for dinner.

Let me also share a secret with you. Apart from their taste, aloo parathas hold a very special place in my heart for another reason too. They bring back memories of winter holidays spent in the village with my grandparents. I can still feel the taste of the parathas my grandmother rolled out as we sat by the clink in the backyard of our ancestral home. I am sure other people’s choice of favourite food is to a large extent affected by the memories attached to it too. 

Most people, nowadays, tend to pick dishes from other countries as their favourite foods. I too love noodles and pizzas and pastas but when it comes to choosing the one dish, that brings to me a feeling of satiation and contentment, it definitely will be the humble aloo paratha.

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