English Essay on “Music – The Deeper Side” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Music – The Deeper Side

Music is the harmonious combination of different sounds. There is music in our nature- in the flowing water, in the air or wind and fire.

Music is in our body- the rhythm of our breath and fluids inside. Pure music is the soul of life which takes different forms or exist in many forms and languages but can be felt, enjoyed and experienced. Music has no colour or religion, it can cut across all man-made boundaries and touch the hearts & minds of many people, strengthen relationship between people and bring harmony.

Music conveys thoughts of various shades of emotions- happiness, sadness, pain, ecstasy. anger… It can bring happiness, elate one’s moods, and calm and soothe one’s senses. There are different kinds of music-folk, light, classical, Arabic. western classical. Sufi, pop and so on. Irrespective of the language one might enjoy the music, its rhythm. coordination and appeal. This is the reason why today. different kinds of music are finding listeners and gaining popularity. Even fusion music (combination of two kinds) is becoming popular. Likes and dislikes vary from person to person and so what kind of music appeals to a person can help him/ her to concentrate, making him feel good. Music not all of them are good for cars or mind. Some of them cause disturbances and restlessness in us. According to YOGA. It seems every organ in our body vibrate at a particular frequency. Certain vibrations can soothe or disturb the mind and body. Music is from sound and sound affects our sense of perception. It is believed and learnt that music without all the “bang and boom” is pure and “pure music is a kind of tranquilizer” (which brings calmness). Research and experiments have shown music therapy or treatment can help body and mind, relax. Music is even used on plants and animals.

Music helps to learn things faster (e.g. Rhymes or songs), music is used in physical exercises and meditation. music is also used in religious singing of “keertans” “mantras” or chants. Repetition of mantras or chants helps the mind to achieve a sense of balance. Saints and musicians have shown us how music can kindle the higher centers of our mind and enhance our quality of life. This is exactly the reason why, singing or music is used in all the present day yoga centers, ashrams, hospitals (for some patients) and stress- management workshops.

Music has evolved through years. Every culture has a rich tradition of music. Music though may appear just a source of entertainment. it definitely has a deeper side which helps human lift to transform or in simple words- it produces positive vibrations and elevates the mind.

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