English Essay on “Life in a Hostel” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Life in a Hostel


Hostel life is very tempting for some and very despising for some. Hostel life has its own advantages as well as disadvantages but is a part of a student’s life either earlier or later.

There are many factors which make hostel life happy and memorable. One must be mentally prepared to stay away from home. Must be lucky to have a good roommate or friends, must be a little patient to understand the new surroundings, be cooperative, lucky to have a good warden and good food, of course.

When a student is sent to a hostel or is forced to stay in a hostel due to circumstances, the initial delays are exciting. Though, for the more attached ones it’s painful. For the outgoing and very practical kind of students, its new ‘freedom’. Freedom from pestering parents, strict schedules and free words of wisdom. They are free to wake up whenever they like, spent leisure times as they want and hang around with friends without being reminded of the limits. Students who are a little sensitive feel miserable and start feeling bad or homesick from day, one. They have unknown fears or anxiety are less prepared to face the new change. They are too dependent on their parents or elders that they take time to accept the new roles and changes.

Hostel life in general is fun, hard work and responsibility, all put together. Its great fun and lovely when everyone gets together for food, games and entertainment. Long waits in front of toilets and unpalatable food often humbles even the most snobbish one.

There is also share of little fights and thoughtless actions followed by tears and hugs. Making fun of others and light gossips become part of growing. Working to achieve one’s goal becomes a little more serious. Sharing and helping each other in studies strengthens the bonds of friendship. Looking after one’s requirement adjusting with others, little chores, managing finance, travel and interaction with different people teaches responsibility. It also increases awareness about great many things in i. life. The exposure to more and more new things while staying in a hostel adds on to the personality of the individual. Right from appearances. to ideas, to overall outlook of life.

Many young students and working men and women who are past their hostel days do make new friends and have lovely memories. At the same time, there is no debate about the yearning for homecoming. Its happy time to be back with parents and dear ones.

Just like school life, hostel life evens out the differences among individuals and contributes in the growth of a person in spite of the little inconveniences.

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