English Essay on “Learning A New Language” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Learning A New Language

Each one of us has experienced the joy of riding a bicycle. The excitement of eagerly peering at the shiny new cycle in the shop and the thrill of receiving one as a gift on your birthday! You cannot wait to get on to the cycle and learn to ride it. The pure pleasure of cycling on your own without support is a feeling that cannot be explained.

Learning a new language is like learning to ride a bicycle. At first you are very excited about the idea of learning one. You start the process and cannot wait to show off your newly acquired skill! You want to read out aloud, every word you lay your eyes on and want the whole world to know of your achievement.

Like in cycling, once you learn the basics, you have to keep practicing and exploring to master the subject. You must read as much as you can to improve your vocabulary and enhance your knowledge of it. It will then be your window to a completely new world of music, books, and literature; a world which you have not experienced before.

A new language is also like a new friend. At first you are shy in its midst. Once you warm up to it you can have endless memories attached to it. While on one hand, it can be a secret code between you and your friends, on the other, it can help you make new friends in an unknown city.

Just like the joy of cycling in gay abandon cannot be expressed in words, mastering any new language, whether regional or foreign, will give you an unparalleled feeling of achievement and happiness.

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