English Essay on “Inventions” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.


Tooth brush, safety pin, fountain pen, pencil, plastic and soon. We take these things for granted and never bother to find who first made them. They have become inseparable part of our lives, they are some of the simple inventions, yet very useful and purposeful.

The ancient Chinese made tooth brushes with bristles of wild boars and tooth brushes were also found in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. William Addis of England created the first toothbrush. Walter Hunt invented the safety pin, Lewis waterman created the first practical fountain pen, pencils were made in England but Frenchman, Nicolas Conte developed the process used to make pencils and Synthetic Plastic was invented by Leo Hedrick Baeland and so on.

It was Man’s need and curiosity which led to most of the inventions. Of course, some of inventions were accidentally built or made. Most of the initial inventions were simple devices which helped humans to do simple work. Today we call them simple machines. They act like extensions of our hands.

Some of the inventions which have been life-changing are basic, important inventions. For example, ‘The invention of Wheel’. This brought huge changes and put man on the road to civilization. It’s the result of work of many men. Man must have been a tool user some 1.000000 years ago. And thousands of years went by until he made a wheel. This invention of man is the most original invention. and important to the growth of technology, even today. Many other inventions changed our lives.

Inventions, some were the result of continuous search, study, experiments, trial and errors. It took a long time of ban] work and perseverance. Sometimes, most of wonders existing today were even ridiculed or ignored when first made and tested. The invention of light bulb (1879) by Edison was result of hard work of many years though the idea was fifty years old. Two other scientists also tried to bring it out. Edison improved and was successful. Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright made the first successful flight on December 17, 1903 and it was photographed by an attendant persuaded by the brothers. Few realized its importance and this historic event was ignored by the press and not published.

Today, some of the inventions are improved versions of basic inventions. to make our life more comfortable and easy. They are developed from the basic or simple inventions which accumulated over the years.

Right from cavemen to modern man, Man’s inventive mind has created and developed things which changed the world. Today, we can’t imagine a day without these innovative creations-ideas turned into reality, our lives transforming every year, and still waiting for the next new thing to happen.

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