English Essay on “India’s Foreign Policy” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

India’s Foreign Policy

India has immense faith in world peace and believes peaceful conditions alone can lead to the deliverance of mankind from so many economic and social ills. This ideal has been incorporated in the constitution of India which declares that she will endeavour to promote international law and treaty obligations, maintain just and honourable relations between nations and encourage settlement of international disputes by arbitration.

The Forefathers of India have preached nonviolence, condemned wars and discrimination between people, and spoken in loudable terms of mutual love and affection. These dogmas are in her blood stream and what was tradition and convention has been incorporated in her constitution.

Modern India has learnt from its ancient master, that stable peace could be founded on the solving of the economic problems of the people. Hence world peace was essential not only for her own economic progress but also for the economic development of all the back-ward countries in the world. Though many of the countries have freed themselves from political slavery they have yet to reach their goal of economic freedom. Political freedom is meaningless in the absence of economic freedom.

Economic freedom could only be achieved in an atmosphere of international peace. it is India’s firm conviction that war is destructive of all that is good in human nature. To promote peace, India has the policy of nonalignment, peaceful co-existence and settlement of international disputes by peaceful means. India is a supporter of nationalist movements all over the world. India also believes in economic and cultural cooperation and disarmament and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. India has declared herself, as a non-aligned country refusing to join either of the power blocks. As a non-aligned country. India is able to act as a moderating force between two powerful blocks.

She has taken a bold, forth right and frank stand on all international issue. If the world has to avoid a third war, it must accept the principle of co-existence advocated by India. Her Panchsheela has contributed a great idea of peace to the war weary world.

India has given full support to the United. Nations in its task of helping to liquidate the last vestiges of colonialism, apartheid and imperialism from the face of earth. She looks upon the United Nations as an instrument for reducing international tension and securing peace among nations.

India has brought home to people professing different ideologies that the world is large enough for the co-existence and peaceful accommodations of different political systems. She feels that all political systems are good if they lead to the betterment of the human Community.

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