English Essay on “How To Eliminate Depression?” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

How To Eliminate Depression?

Approximately 90% of the population of the world suffered from nervous breakdown due to depression, WI a very few take medication to treat their mental disorders, rest of them don’t want to go to the hospitals in fear of facing the wrath of the society. They are scared that in case their family members, relatives, friends and other acquaintances come to know about their mental disease, they would keep on insulting them and they shall be humiliated in the society.

Depression is one of the greatest diseases of the world. It leads to anxiety, high blood pressure and heart attacks. Many patients of chronic depression commit suicide or kill others when their mind goes out of their control. A person’s mind must remain in his control, else a person gets mad. Here are some ways through which a person can keep his mind under his control.

Practice a small spiritual exercise daily. Concentrate in the midst of your eyebrows for 10 minutes daily. Brush up all weir thoughts away. Keep your mind calm arid collected. This simple exercise could be done at any time during the day in your favourite place. It is better to fix up a particular time and place to do it everyday.

This would calm down the tensed nerves and keep the blues of depression at bay.

Take 100 deep breaths in the early morning hours. It enhance the blood circulation of the body and keep you tension free.

Don’t keep your mind burdened with things you ought to do in future. Try to complete your work immediately, so that your mind is not pressurized with negative thoughts. For instance, if you have not done your home-work, do it now, if you have not ironed your clothes, do them one day before and keep them in your cupboard, if you have not polished your shoes, do them now and keep them in the shoe-rack. Don’t overburden your mind with the pressure of negative thoughts. By leaving things for tomorrow you unnecessarily burden your mind with negative thoughts. Complete all your work immediately, so that you don’t remain worried about your work that has remained unfinished for not completing it in time.

Take homeopathic medicines like ‘Alfalfa’. It is very good for the treatment of depression. Take at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. The best time to sleep is 10, o’clock sharp and the best time to wake up is 6 a.m.

Avoid bad company and keep the company of cheerful people who have optimistic outlook in life. With these practical suggestions you could treat depression and cure it from the root.

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