English Essay on “How To Defend From The Anti-Social Elements?” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

How To Defend From The Anti-Social Elements?

The terrorists, anti-socials and criminals disrupt the law and order of the state with their unlawful activities and create a terror in the environment by bringing chaos in the society through their black deeds.

We must find out ways to defend ourselves from the anti-socials and criminals, who could steal away our hard earned money and harm us for their vested interests. Here way through which we can defend ourselves from the criminals:

If any anti-social element happens to trouble you. on the way to your office or on the road, then firstly see whether he has any weapon in his hands or not. If he doesn’t possess any, then pierce his arms with your teeth to defend yourself from him and thereafter kick him with your hand and legs continuously, till he leaves you. If he has a blunt-knife or pistol with him then catch his hand with your fist and begin flatten up his fingers, till the weapon fells down on the ground. Take the weapon in your hand and scare him away with it. If he runs away, its fine, otherwise you run away immediately from there and report the incident to the police. Remember you have to move every part of your body vigorously to weaken up his hold on you. If he is too strong, pull down his hair and pierce teeth into his arms.

If you are living in an isolated place, then always keep red chilli powder with you. Throw it into the eyes of the culprit to escape from his evil clutches.

Keep a mobile with you. Ring up the police-station and, give them the details about the incident clearly. Also explain them about the appearance of the criminals in detail. If you have a handy camera with you, then click the photographs of the criminals secretly and give it to the police. If the police constables don’t register an FIR against the criminals, then go and tell to the higher authorities about it. Take the help of the woman’s organizations to defend your case in front of the judge and punish the criminals.

Some criminals are very notorious, they may blame you for offending them instead of accepting their wrongs. You must have witnesses to prove yourself Innocent before law. Remember that you should never cake initiative to harm anybody through these tactics. You can apply these suggestions in practice only to defend yourself, not to offend anyone, otherwise you shall be in great trouble, yourself.

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