English Essay on “How To Control The Prisoners in The Jails?” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

How To Control The Prisoners in The Jails?

It is a very complicated task to control the notorious prisoners of the jail, as they keep on creating trouble for, one and another in jail on one pretext or the other. It has become difficult for the authorities of the jails to control the prisoners. They remain scared of the prisoners. Many prisoners escape from the jails and create further trouble for the prison authorities.

The administrators must take firm measures to prevent the prisoners from escaping the premises of the jail. Here are some powerful ways through which the situation in the prison could be controlled to a great extent:

The jail authorities must deal the prisoners politely but firmly. They should not get frightened of the prisoner’s else the prisoners give the tag of a ‘coward’ to the policemen and get encouraged to commit more crimes inside and outside the jails.

They should not be given too many facilities inside the jail, else the criminals begin to enjoy their comfortable stay at jail and don’t find the environment of the jail different then their home. They become more encouraged to commit crimes to prolong their stay at jails

The prisoners should be made to toil hard everyday as the punishment of their evil deeds. They must not be paid money for the same. They must understand that the punishment of committing heinous crimes is too severe.

With these simple suggestions the entire environment of the jail could change and there would be more discipline in the jails then before.

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