English Essay on “How to Attain Peace and Harmony At Home?” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

How to Attain Peace and Harmony At Home?

Every other day, we come to read in the newspapers about the conflicts, quarrels, and disputes amongst the family members. Sometimes the things go beyond limits and one person or more get killed in their attempts to dominate over one another. To avoid such type of violent fights, we must try to understand the root cause of such disputes. The main reason for many disputes in the family is greed. The brothers and sisters become enemy of one-another due to greed, one brother wants to snatch away the property rights of another brother, even though, his brother is poorer than he. Some people don’t have any feelings, even for their own kith and kin. The endless greed in the person prompts him to commit serious crimes shamelessly. If these culprits are not punished by the law, then they as well as others get encouraged to do such kinds of evil deeds in future. They must be severely punished by the law so that no one dares to repeat such acts in life.

The second reason for the quarrels are that most of the people don’t like to be dominated by others. They also have the feeling that if one rises more than them, then he might get proud and put others down. Thus, they begin to suppress others to portray their own superiority in the society. Some people suppress others to create obstacles in their success, so that they could not rise in life. Some people suppress others to show to the world that they are superior to them. There are many reasons why people pull down others in front of public. People suppress others by poking fun. at them or through in suiting remarks. 

This suppressive tendency in the mankind creates quarrels and conflict in the house, and the entire environment becomes polluted, with the dirt of anger selfish messed pride.

To eliminate the negativity in the environment, develop the qualities of Contentment and simplicity of mind. Only by developing these qualities, we can attain peace and harmony; otherwise it just remains a dream, that’s very difficult to achieve.

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