English Essay on “How to Achieve World Peace?” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

How to Achieve World Peace?

The world can never become a peaceful place to live in, if the administrators of the countries are violent and unwise.

Take the examples of Saddam Hussain, Hitler and Napoleon, who had taken lives of innumerable people for their vested interests. It is not wise of us to give power to the person, who is impulsive and insane. There are many people on the earth, who look normal, but are half-crazy, who had lost their balance of mind due to pride. They are very proud of themselves and lye high ambitions. Their greed for money power, dame and fame lead them to destruction. They don’t only destroy themselves but many others too alongwith them. They don’t know the consequences of their actions, thus they keep on doing wrong considering it right.

The world peace can never be achieved if these type of personalities are given powers to rule in their nation and the entire world.

They are so selfish people, that they would pressurize others to frame and implement laws only for their own interests. They shall pretend before others that they have great love and affection for them, but in reality they don’t have any feelings for anybody.

Such people should not be given power. They are a big curse upon the mankind. The people who want to do something sincerely for other people, don’t keep on boasting about their achievements all time. They are great doers instead of talkers. They have good intentions for each and everyone of their country. If such kind of good people are also brilliant, then they eliminate the evils of Superstition, poverty, unemployment, rise of population etc. from the very root. People remain happy and comfortable in their rule.

The world peace can only be achieved if democracy prevails in all the countries of the world and besides that, votes given by -the people goes to the right candidate, who is selfless and kind, but then people have to judge, who is kind and who is not. This power of judgement is only granted by God, therefore let’s pray to the Almighty God daily, so that God grants us this wisdom to discriminate between the right and wrong and we are able to select the right administrator, a ruler, who would never dare to cheat anybody and who loves each soul as his own.

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