English Essay on “Emerging Dance Styles” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Emerging Dance Styles

Dance is ‘poetry in motion’-every word expressed through movement and expression of our body. It belongs to the performing arts. Traditionally, in India, only classical dance was performed and only a few could learn it because it took long years. Also not everyone could afford a ‘gum’ or a teacher. As years passed by schools for dance and other arts were set up. Some dancers started their own school to promote dance. During the British rule, we were influenced by the western dance styles like ball-mom dancing and twist. This is evident from old Hindi or regional films.

Today. dancing as an art is growing popular and is not restricted to one form or style. There is variety-other dance styles from different parts of the world are being tried and have become the emerging styles of dance here. Tap-dance. Salsa, Tango. our own Bollywood dance style and fusion (a mix of traditional and western) are gaining popularity among children, young adults and grown-ups. Only, the very patient and conservative students go for the classical form. Most of the people enroll themselves to learn other styles since the duration of learning them is short.

Just like, the way Indian dances were being taken to other lands, some of experts from there who traveled to India started schools to spread their dance style. We also, have people who go there, learn it and comeback, and open dance schools and studios to teach interested people. Parents also have become open to any dance style since they want their child to learn something new and also are able to present it during a programme or show. Popularity of these styles, especially, the indo-western style and the film-song based is due to the role of media. Most of the television channels have dance based programme, competitions for children, and adults, which are judged by actors known for their dancing skill or choreographers. One of the dance shows on the television,’ Boogie-woogie’ completed ten years, stressing its popularity and the interest it generates among the young.

These emerging dance styles which gives importance to rhythmic steps and beats helps in the exercise of the body and is a great stress buster. So, even adults try to spend time dancing, to feel good.

This is true to Salsa, a Latin American dance, known to develop self-confidence, add grace, elegance and style to one’s body language and develop personality. Like any other dance form it lifts one’s spirits and helps people express them in a better way. Not just in metros but the training workshops of Salsa have reached cities in Punjab, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh. and Andhra Pradesh.

To say it in short, the energy, convenience and the ‘ name of dance styles (with no complex facial expressions) but flowing spontaneity appeals to the younger generation and thus we have these emerging styles.

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