English Essay on “Cable T. V.” 300 Words Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Board Exam.

Cable T. V.

There have been many inventions of science for the purpose of entertainment of man. We have the radio, the television, the cinema, and many other items. Now it is the Cable T.V. As Cable T.V. has provided all entertainment at our homes, the cinema halls have suffered a great setback. Even many of them have shut down. It has given a big jolt to the film industry as well. · The Cable T.V. is not only a means of recreation but also a means of knowledge. There are many programmes which are educative, informative and constructive. Many serials like ‘Discovery’, ‘Animal Kingdom Life’, and ‘Under Sea Life’ are educative and for enhancement of knowledge. Some serials, through their themes, teach us how we should lead a life of cooperation and happiness. There are some serials which throw light upon the corrupt nature of the modern society. Even the students can come to know that there are many people on this earth who wear white clothes but have black hearts. They can know the reality of men and their evil nature. They can keep away from the evil and can make efforts to cure and reform the society. In this way, the Cable T.V. is serving a great purpose.

Cable T.V. has many disadvantages too. The students waste their precious time in watching movies on Cable T.V. Thus they ignore and neglect their studies. Another evil is that youths adopt evil ways and habits easily to which they are exposed through the various serials. The children are innocent and they fail to understand the real and the unreal, true or untrue. They want to do what they see. However, Cable T.V. cannot be held responsible for all these problems. It is a media of entertainment and a very useful method of imparting education.

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