English Essay on “A Visit to The Vegetable Market” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

A Visit to The Vegetable Market

To get all those vitamins and minerals, a visit to the vegetable market once a week or once in four days is a must. A vegetable market is a place of busy activity and noise. During the day time or in the evenings it’s always crowded; the vegetable vendors shouting prices and calling customer. As soon as we enter, the fresh green vegetables arranged in different stalls and corners attract our attention and also are very cooling to our eyes. The farm fresh colorful vegetables, their skin shining ask us to take a look at them. The vendors are busy arranging their items; some are busy arguing with their each other for space or the right spot to sell their goods. People are busy taking a look at the vegetables, feeling them and selecting them I before buying. Some of them are engaged in bargaining prices with the vendors. Some vegetable vendors are generous enough to reduce price by one or two rupees but some do not entertain and are rude with the customers. We even see regular customers of certain vendors asking their well being, wishing them good and even convincing them to buy more quantity.

Sometimes, things go a little bad when customers pick up arguments with vendors and there are people who crowd around them causing inconvenience to others. This happens mostly when the vendors do not allow the customers to choose the vegetables displayed and insist on buying which they carelessly put and weigh.

The people fighting for space or their turn, the noise. the vegetables waste piled here and there, the rising prices of vegetables, the conversation of people, the good smell and bad smell and the chaos together makes a visit to the vegetable market a learning experience. It is worth a trip to get those vitamins.

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