10 Lines on ‘The Television’ English Short Essay, Paragraph for Students and Children class 7, 8, 9, 10.

10 Lines on ‘The Television’

  1. Television is a great gift of modern science. It was invented by a scientist, Baird. These days it is very popular. It is a good source of entertainment.
  2. Televisions have almost replaced radios and transistors. There are many different programmes everyday on television.
  3. There are films, songs, music, dramas, plays etc. to keep the viewers entertained.
  4. Republic Day and Independence Day functions at national and regional levels are also shown on television.
  5. Now people have colour televisions. It makes viewing more interesting and exciting.
  6. The television is an improvement on the radio. With it, we can see cultural programmes.
  7. It is also a great source of distance teaching and education. There are special school and college transmissions.
  8. Thousands of students who cannot attend a school, college or a university are taught through it.
  9. Its appeal both to the eyes and the ears is great. It makes learning easy.
  10. Though television is a very useful thing but, if we see it continuously it can affect our eyesight.

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