10 Lines on ‘The Ambition of My Life’ English Short Essay, Paragraph for Students and Children class 7, 8, 9, 10.

10 Lines on ‘The Ambition of My Life’

  1. Life is full of ambitions. A man without ambition is useless. Everyone wants to do something different from others.
  2. Ambition has the top priority in the life of every man. I want to serve my country. That is my only ambition.
  3. Therefore, I want to become a teacher. A teacher is a person who builds the nation.
  4. I will teach the poor children without any charge. I would teach them the subjects with real and deep information.
  5. I am a student in the fifth grade. But my ambition is to be a teacher.
  6. I would give my students a real education. I would try to make them good citizens.
  7. If my ambition is fulfilled, I shall do my best as a teacher. I am working hard so that I may get the best grades.
  8. It would help me in getting admission to a good University.
  9. I would always be honest towards my duties and hard working.
  10. I want to be an ideal teacher.

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