Write a letter to your younger brother, Sanjay, telling him about the advantages of taking exercises.

Write a letter to your younger brother, Sanjay, telling him about the advantages of taking exercises.

Lal Kothi

Dhaan Mandi,


23 August ……

Dear Sanjay

May God bless you with happiness! I hope this letter of mine will find you in sound health. Yesterday I received a letter from the Principal of your school. He writes that you don’t take part in school games. You are a sort of a bookworm. This is the reason why you are declining in health day by day. You are like a tender leaf and you don’t know that besides studies, taking exercise is also very essential. By remaining only a bookworm, you cannot succeed in life. In this letter, I am, therefore, telling you what benefits accrue from taking exercises. After reading them, you will become fully familiar with their need.

Dear brother, just as no machine can work constantly, it needs rest and oil, similarly, our body-machine also cannot work constantly In order to keep it fit, taking exercise is as much necessary as rest and a balanced diet. If we exercise daily, we become active and our body becomes solid & sturdy. Every part of the body becomes developed and there are many such exercises as lead to mental development. If all the time you remain glued to your studies, you cannot learn your lesson as quickly as the student who exercises daily. By taking exercise, your mind will be clear, and if the mind is clear, even the most difficult lesson can be understood in a little time. Besides this, you feel like doing your work. Those persons who exercise are free from all kinds of ailments throughout their life. They do not suffer from any kind of constipation or obesity, constipation and obesity are the root cause of a disease.

Exercise is of various kinds-going for a morning walk, participating in games, wrestling, and many other physical activities like Yoga Aasan (Yogic posture), sit-ups, etc. But going for a morning walk, racing participating in games, Sheersh-Aasan, etc are most beneficial for students.

I hope that you will resolve to take regular exercise in future. You will have a peculiar kind of pleasure and your desire will turn into a will.

Your elder brother


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