Write a letter to your younger brother, Ajay, advising him to mend his ways of life.

Write a letter to your younger brother, Ajay, advising him to mend his ways of life.

C 1/8, Model Town


14 August, …..

Dear Ajay

May God bless you with happiness! Today I got worried when I read about you in the letter received from my mother. She writes that you are getting apathetic towards studies and at the same time you are defying her. Playing ‘Gulli-danda’ and other games have become a part of your life. Your marks are not thrilling in any subject in this year’s examination. Have you ever pondered whether you are going? It appears that you are taking an undue advantage of father’s old age and you are drifting towards bad association. He says nothing to you on account of his over-indulgence, but it is a fact that he is being consumed by internal grief caused by you.

Ajay! This bad company will sink you down. Realising the disastrous results of bad association, it is better for you to come back to the path of righteousness, or else you will have to repent. A certain wise man has truly said, “Good Company can provide everything to man but bad company throws him into the mud of sin.”

It is never bad to develop a friendship with anyone, everyone does; but you should be selective in your choice of friends. There is a saying, “Choose a friend after knowing him and drink water after filtering it”. You should bear it in mind. A true friend is the one who takes you to the righteous path from the wrong one and who develops virtues by removing vices. Without any efforts, you can across such friends as are uncivilized, uncultured, false, and haughty. They are addicted to seeing movies and lead a vagrant life. But to justify the above saying are very few counted ones.

This is the time for building your career. If at this stage, evil feelings have built their abode in your heart, you will not be able to get rid of them throughout your life. So, from today onwards, make it a rule of your life that as soon as you rise up early in the morning, you should touch the feet of your elders. After attending the call of nature, you should get to your self-study and go to school after your breakfast. Then after your return from the school, you should take your food, and again get busy with your schoolwork, if given, after dinner. If you follow this schedule, you will march towards the path of progress. Make only the virtuous people your friends and uplift your life by keeping their company. I hope you will not oblige me to write any other such letter to you in the future.

Waiting for a reply to my letter.

Your elder brother

Sanjay Rastogi

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