Write a letter to your elder brother who has renounced his house and the family.

Write a letter to your elder brother who has renounced his house and the family.

Greater Kailash

New Delhi

15 June,

Dear Brother

Somehow or the other I managed to step out of the house to meet you after so many years. I had thought that on reaching home I would quarrel with you and ask you why you had been so indifferent to me. I would show my anger to you and that you would soften my anger by caressing me. But when I reached home, everything became futile. The echo of the word ‘Brother’ remained confined to the four walls of the house. Mother told me about you that you had forsaken the home, that you had got angry with all of us and that my sister-in-law had lost her weight on account of the pangs of separation. Mother further said that since Vinod’s abandoning home, his wife had stopped taking food; all the time she had been mute. So now mother prevails upon me to summon you back home.

Brother! The tears in the eyes of mother and the grief-afflicted pale face of sister-in-law brought my heart to my lips. Nobody informed me of this nasty occurrence. Anyhow, the four walls of the house without you pester me. The child Savita sitting on the threshold of the door of the house is found anxiously waiting for you. She says that her papa has taken away umpteen toys meant for her.

I got your address from your intimate friend, Shri Sudarshan and so I am writing this letter to you. Brother! All are deeply worried and upset without you. The feud between husband and wife is an ordinary thing. But to get infuriated with your old mother, child Savita and lovely wife is not just and appropriate. So I request you, Brother, to return home. The loneliness and desolation of the house hangs heavily upon us. Won’t you oblige your affectionate sister with your return?

With kind regards to you. Mother conveys her blessings to you.

Your affectionate sister


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