Write a letter to the Principal making suggestions for the improvement of the college library. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write a letter to the Principal making suggestions for the improvement of the college library.


The Principal,

Ramjas Inter College,



I most respectfully venture to make a few suggestions for the improvement of the college library for your serious and sympathetic consideration.

Ours is quite a big college with a provincial reputation and an enlightened Principal who is a veteran educationist. I know the college is passing through hard times. It is faced with a financial stringency but money has to be found for the library. A good library well stocked with the latest books on all subjects is indispensable to every good college. It is the life and soul of a college.

The present room allotted to the library is not enough. It must be shifted to a much bigger room. The reading room must be equipped with a large number of chairs and tables. A large number of standard journals, dailies and weeklies must be subscribed to.

Most of the books in the library are worn out, ill-bound and trashy. The library must be replenished with the best and the latest books on literature, general Knowledge, science, mathematics, economics and social sciences. The books must be beautiful, attractive, well-bound and standard. Such books are sure to make the students library-minded. They are sure to help broaden their mental level.

The books must be well classified. They should be carefully arranged and catalogued so that the students may easily select books of their choice. A senior professor may be put in charge of the library to guide the students as to the most suitable books for them. The present professor put in charge of the library is a mere figure-head. He is not doing his duty as seriously as he should.

The librarian must also be better educated. He must be trained in library science. He must be accommodating, polite and well-behaved.

I humbly suggest that some amount must be yearly ear-marked for the purchase of latest books for the library. This will help the college build on up-to-date library in a few years.

Your most obedient pupil

June 28, 20XX.                                                                                                   XYZ.

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