Write a letter to the Editor of a national newspaper objecting to set up on factory in a residential area. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write a letter to the Editor of a national newspaper objecting to set up on factory in a residential area.

The Editor,

“The Hindustan Times”

Press Street

New City


Your newspaper recently carried the news that the Development Authority had sold a green belt near the Anandpur Residents Welfare Society. I am writing to express our strong objection to this act of the Authority’s.

Few green belts remain in New City mainly because the Authority has either constructed residential apartments in these areas or sold off these! Dockets of land to developers for the construction of commercial complexes. New City was once a suburban City, well endowed with greenery and open areas that assured the residents a pure and healthy life. Today New City competes with any of the metropolitan cities in respect to the pollution of the environment. The green belt near Anandpur Colony is one of the very few areas in our city which still remains undeveloped and trees grow here in numerous numbers. Not only have the residents of Anandpur but also from surrounding colonies come to the green belt every morning for walks and exercises. The few remaining peacocks also nest in this area. The trees here also help maintain a relatively moderate temperature in this part of New City.

If this plot of land is sold to a leather factory not only will New City lose one of its last green pockets but it will gain in its place a stinking and polluting factory. Leather factories usually soak raw hides in open vats of chemicals and dyes and this can harm the environment to an extent where it becomes a health hazard for local residents.

When New City was first developed the plans clearly mentioned that our city would be a purely residential township. By selling this plot of land to a factory the Development Authority has opened the doors of various factories that are being compelled to relocate by the orders of the Supreme Court. We strongly urge the Authority to reconsider its decision before harm is done to New City.

Yours sincerely,

K. Srivastava

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