Write a Letter of congratulations on birthday.

Write a Letter of congratulations on birthday.

22nd October, 2010

My dear Anita,

You are eighteen now. It thrills me with happiness to think that no more should I thrash or rebuke you since you have now become an adult, a person whose consent is necessary in all matters concerning the family.

On this occasion I am not coming out with any orders but advices which, I hope, you will verify through your experience. You are young and as youth sees no restraints you must be careful about it, for it might lead you to dangerous paths. Think twice before you leap, as the saying goes, and this is all the more true since yours is now the formative period and much of your future depends on how you steer your course at the start.

Your mother, Sunita and Anand join me in wishing you a very happy birthday.

Your affectionate father,

Raj Kumar Gupta

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