Write a courtesy letter to your grandma (mother’s mother).

Write a courtesy letter to your grandma (mother’s mother).


29 October,

My dear Grandma

We all have reached here quite safe and sound. The journey was very troublesome. At Muradabad, in our compartment, there was a feud over a seat among some passengers. When mother witnessed this scene, she got upset and perplexed. Anyhow, the Railway Police arrived in a few minutes and they were all pacified. Ticket collectors caught ticketless passengers red-handed and punished them with a fine. So there was some inconvenience in our compartment, but after that, the journey was quite peaceful.

Tomorrow some people are coming from Delhi to see the sister, Saroj. I shall inform you about the finalization of the marriage alliance. Here it is not as cold as it was at Haldwani. Only a blanket is enough for the night. It is a great pleasure to take a bath in hand pump water. Narendra remembers you. It is the cordial desire of parents that you should visit us at least for a few days.

With best regards to you. Waiting anxiously for your reply to my letter.

Your loving granddaughter


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