Write a courtesy letter to your friend Ratna.

Write a courtesy letter to your friend Ratna.


June 8 …………

Dear Ratna

I hope this letter will find you in fine health by the grace of the Almighty. I have received your welfare letter just now. I am extremely glad to read that you are going with your family to spend your summer holidays in Kashmir. Last year I had also been there. Boating in Dal Lake affords such pleasures of life that they cannot be forgotten. The beauty of this paradise-like place on earth is unique. We never get tired of witnessing its beauty. This time your brother-in-law has not been able to get leave, so I have no other alternative but to spend the summer in this scorching heat. Even nights are spent restlessly but you will be enjoying your sleeps in Kashmir with a covering over your body.

You have asked about Vipala. Her star-crossed destiny has made her ill-fated. Now she has returned here from her father-in-law’s house for ever. The behaviour of her mother-in-law is barbaric. Her jibes have reduced her to a skeleton frame. The poor darling is in great suffering. She has enquired about you many a time.

If possible, while returning from Kashmir, could you buy me a fine shawl. If Kashmir silk sarees are of low price, please bring me two such sarees. But their fabric should be of superior quality. Without any hesitation, you can write to me for any work I am worthy of doing.

Please convey my regards to my brother-in-law and tender love to children.

Your loving friend

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