Write a courtesy letter to your elder brother-in-law.

Write a courtesy letter to your elder brother-in-law.



18 May, …..

Dear Brother-in-law

I hope you are in cheerful spirits. You will all be glad to learn that I have passed M.A. in Hindi in the First Division. I am fully prepared to offer you, sweets. Here the weather has become pleasant. People have started coming here to escape from the heat of summer. In the evening one can come across roads full of multi-coloured butterflies, wild laughter of people sitting in restaurants, the tinkling sound of bells fitted in anklets. You will be able to get many characters for your novel without making any efforts and I shall be able to see my beloved sister whom I haven’t seen for months together.

It looks as if you had made my sister get absorbed in your style of life. She doesn’t even think of meeting us. What an apathy towards us, dear Brother! All the people at home remember you. I think Ravi and Sangeeta will have their holidays in a few days. It is better you come here with them and you’ll get a new plot for the novel also.

I read your latest novel ‘Zindagi ki Tahen’. Not only 1, even all my friends felt fascinated by it. You have delineated the characterization of Abhay and Achira in an exquisite manner. When will its film be ready? Please don’t forget to invite us at the time of its shooting. What book are you writing these days? I also think of penning down something on paper. I wish I could get your cooperation.

Parents send their blessings to you. Love to Ravi & Sangeeta. With kind regards to you.

Waiting anxiously for your letter.

Yours affectionately


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