Letter to the Editor about the News of Modern Technology. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Letter to the Editor about the News of Modern Technology


II Motilal Street, T. Nagar

Chennai 17.

The Editor

Viewpoint, Gandhi Marg,

New Delhi.

23, March, 20…



I would like to bring to the notice of your readers an electronic gadget SUPALASER that was advertised in the papers a few days ago. This gadget when connected to a stereo system, is activated by the music to throw multicoloured light beams on the walls of the room. Priced at an incredible Rs. 18,000/- the only purpose it will serve is to make its manufacturers rich.

The laser is one of the most important inventions of modem science and has been used to good effect in the fields of industrial and scientific research, communications, medicine and others. Wise application of laser technology has benefited mankind in various ways. Manufacturers of such frivolous products as the SUPALASER should not be allowed to have access to such technology as they are simply wasting know-how and essential resources.

Besides, the flashing light emitted by this gadget may prove injurious to eyesight and might even cause blindness.

No doubt there are people who are able to spend large amounts of money on novelties. But is it ethical to expend research and scare resources to invest gadgets that are only meant to amuse and divert the bored upper class? I leave your readers to decide for themselves.

Yours truly,


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