Letter from sister to sister. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Letter from sister to sister.

Dear Manvi,

Trust this finds you and dear Jeeja Ji in the best of health.

It is nearly three and a half months since you got married and left this place for Chennai. During this period, I have not received a single letter and this is causing worry to all of us. It is that are too much absorbed in Jeeja Ji and have forgotten all of us? I pray for the happiness of both of you and would always advice you to obey your respected husband and yours in laws. At the same time dear Manvi do not forget us altogether and write to us about your well-being as and when you get time.

How have you liked Chennai? You have always desired to see Chennai and now fortunately you have to live in Chennai permanently. I hope by now you would have seen many beautiful places which are not coming to my mind at the moment.

Life in Delhi is just the same. Your Jeeja Ji is not getting any leave from the office and is coming quite late as in the past. His manager has promised fifteen days leave next month and if that is sanctioned we shall try to come to Chennai. Babloo is not keeping well for the last few days. He is having a temperature of 102.

I have not been able to go to Mummy’s house for the last fifteen days. I wonder if you have dropped a letter to her. Mummy and Papa were very much worried when I visited them last. Please drop a letter to them also by return of post.

With love from all of us.

Your loving sister

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