Letter complaining against the poor performance of the newly purchased refrigerator.

Letter complaining against the poor performance of the newly purchased refrigerator.

142, D. N. Road,

Fort, Mumbai-400001

September 17, 20…

The Manager

Santro Electronics & Electricals

S.N. Market, V.T.

Mumbai 400062

Subject: Poor performance of the refrigerator.

Dear Sir,

I purchased 235 Lt. Himalay refrigerator from your store on May 8, 20… The chasis number of the piece I bought was H-22113 S.T. I regret to inform you that the refrigerator functioned satisfactorily for a few weeks only. Then, it suddenly began to make trouble. Its sound changed and began to make strange sputtering noises. Sometimes it sounds like an old creaky fan. Now it takes entire day to freeze just two trays of ice. The water of earthen pitcher feels cooler than the water bottles kept in the fridge. The vegetables and food kept in the fridge don’t last long.

Thus, the fridge purchased from you has become an embarrassment for us and a hot joke from our neighbors. The fridge came with a two-year warranty. The photocopies of the warranty and purchase receipt are enclosed herewith. We had been verbally assured by the sales manager that if the piece turned out to be defective it would be replaced by a new one. We have not misused the fridge in any way and our area does not suffer from any fluctuations in electricity. So, it is obvious that the fridge has some manufacturing defect. Hence, I request you to send your engineer to check up the fridge and replace it with a new one as a warranty. I won’t accept any-repair offer. I have already suffered a lot. If the fridge is not replaced within a reasonable period of time I will be forced to go to consumer court. I will also invite the media to expose this case. I hope you will like to avoid all this bother as I do and settle the matter amicably.

Sincerely yours


Rajdeep Desai

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