Hiking, Complete 300 Words English Essay, Paragraph for Students of Class 9, 10, 11, 12 Examination.


The word hiking means a journey on foot. So, hiking means walking or to tramp. And such walkers and trampers are found everywhere in the world. Some people are extraordinarily great hikers and their only interest is walking. They walk on the hills, mountains, along the bank of rivers, fields, parks anywhere and everywhere.

Hiking has a number of advantages associated with it. First of all, it is a sort of physical exercise. While walking, the various limbs of our body move. Our legs, arms, and other parts of our body get in motion. Thus, it provides good physical exercise which keeps us fit.

Hiking in the countryside gives us a feeling of being independent and feeling one with nature. We are away from the noise and din of city life. While walking in the countryside which is very calm and quiet, we get mental consolation. We walk as we know that no discipline and etiquette is to be observed. Moreover, while hiking, we can give free vent to our emotions and the suppressed thoughts can be outpour.

The third advantage is that we can inhale plenty of fresh air. The air of gardens, hills, open places, meadows is loaded with the pleasing fragrance of flowers and is without any dirt or filth. The cool and fresh breeze revitalises our bodies and mind.

Another merit of hiking is that we can enjoy the scents, sights, and sounds of nature. We can see nature in various moods and colours. We can see the gurgling water of the river. We can hear the sweet music of the waterfall; we can also see lush green pastures and meadows and we can gaze at bewitching mountains and hilltops covering the top with densely grown trees and plants.

Hiking enables us to feel fresh, healthy, and sturdy. It gives a new fervour and zest to our life; it wards off the dullness and boredom of life. Nature appears to us as a great teacher, healer, and a consoler.

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