Essay-Paragraph on “The Flood” English Composition in 200 words for kids and Students of Classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Flood

The rain fell continuously for days. The water level of the river rose day by day. On the seventh day, it overflowed the banks and flooded the village.

All preventive measures taken by the villagers were of no avail, and the water seeped into their homes. Knowing that it was not safe to remain in their homes, many of the villagers began to evacuate to a nearby hill. It was quite sometime before the residents, with their belongings, were safely assembled on the hill.

The flood victims looked down. They could see masses of logs, planks, and other floating objects being swept away by the floodwater. The scene below them was one of desolation and destruction.

Two more days passed before the rain stopped. Soon the level of the floodwater began to subside. The villagers returned to their homes to assess the extent of the damage caused by the flood. They shook their heads sadly at the terrible sight before them.

The villagers received relief from generous donors in other parts of the country. They had food, clothes, and cash to help them through the difficult period. Soon the villagers were able to rebuild their homes and lead normal lives again.

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