Essay, Paragraph on “Playing Video Games with My Mother” English Composition in 200 words for kids and Students.

Playing Video Games with My Mother

“What are you doing?” my mother asked as she peered over my shoulder. I told her that I was playing the game ‘Frogger’. My mother burst out laughing when she heard that. She told me that she used to be the champion of that game when she was a child.

I stared at my mother in surprise. I could not believe that my strict mother played video games. We decided to compete. I switched the screen to a split-screen so that both my mother and I could play at the same time. She took the controls and the game began! My mother played like a professional. She defeated me in a few minutes. I was astonished. My mother was better than I was. I was determined to defeat her so I suggested another game. We played one game after another. The game was very addictive. It was so fast-paced that we were on our feet after a while. We jumped and danced around. My mother punched the air whenever she scored. My mother was behaving like a child.

We played the whole afternoon. Amazingly, my mother was just as good. We were playing so hard that my mother forgot to cook dinner. In the end, we had dinner at the coffee shop downstairs when my father came home.


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