Essay on “Well Begun is Half Done” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Well Begun is Half Done

If we begin a work with earnestness (sincerity), its completion is sure shot. There is no hitch or hesitation in its fulfillment. There arise hundreds of difficulties and troubles at the beginning stage. If your start is okay the end will be nice too. There is no doubt in the rewarding end if the beginning is good.

Everything has a difficult start. Once the cycle goes rolling, very little hitches come in the way. So the start should be both vigorous and sure. A good start takes along many encouragements and topples many stoppers. It shows your will and promptness to do the work. Everyone joins success not the failure. Those who start their work early in the morning are encouraged by the favorable atmosphere around. They go a long way while the others are still sleeping in their beds.

A successful farmer sows his seeds well in time after preparing his land properly. He cannot make a compromise in the case of time and occasion. Success is at his feet only when he leaves home very early and starts work ahead of others. He reaps his harvest ahead of others and is saved from the natural calamities as are faced by those who are late.

In the race of life, we meet competitions at every stage. We cannot wait till others have gone off. We have to try to start a moment before time, which would keep us quite ahead and ultimately a winner. Good beginners are at the top everywhere. They come out with flying colours. They win laurels. There is no loophole in their performance. There is a certain charm in their perfection. God helps those who help themselves by giving a good start to everything.

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