Essay on “Value of Travelling” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Value of Travelling

Essay No. 01

Travels and trips hold a great charm. They give us an opportunity to visit new places and meet new people. The knowledge that we get about them is-first hand and unforgettable. We try to learn every detail about them. The experience thus gained is better and richer. Therefore travels should be made a regular part of the educational scheme.

Travels to new places sharpen our power of observation. When we see new places we try to understand them fully. We form in our minds a picture which may not be forgotten. Our curiosity about un-visited places is aroused. We make full use of our eyes and minds. As a result we become mentally alert and receptive to impressions.

Travels enable us to meet new people and know their life-style. It is a real delight to meet people who speak a different language and put on new types of clothes. We get an opportunity to make new friendships. We feel that we are the members of a big family called mankind. We come to develop sympathy and understanding for each other.

Travels bring us in close contact with nature. We see nature in all shapes and moods. We see mountains with their towering peaks Beauty, charm and quietness of nature present a feast for our eyes. For the time being we forget the worries of our daily life.

Travels bring life and art within our reach and knowledge. Whatever knowledge we have about historical buildings, art and architecture is bookish and imperfect. But travels give us first hand information about them. We come to realize that life is an adventure. The spirit of adventure does not let us rest at home. Thus travels are both educative and entertaining.


Essay No. 02

The Value of Travelling

Travelling was considered dangerous and difficult a hundred years ago, because of primitive modes of transport and long unfrequented stretches.

But in modern times with tremendous improvement in the means of transport travelling has become very easy. Travelling helps us in our educational life too. By education, we don’t mean the bookish knowledge but the understanding of the different ways in which our society works.

No doubt that, books give theoretical knowledge which has its own merits as it gives basic knowledge of a human activity but this knowledge can only be made complete by actually having a practical experience. So it is from the point of view of practical knowledge that people should try to travel. It also widens the moral, social and the intellectual side of our lives.

Lakhs of people annually travel by trains, airplanes and ships not just for their pleasures but also to widen and improve on their field of work in life. The same way people from other walks of life like students, doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. do this to widen their knowledge and gain experience on the latest techniques.

We must not forget that this has all become possible due to the invention of improved means of transport.

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