Essay on “The Scene at A School Canteen” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

The Scene at A School Canteen

Essay No. 01

The school canteen is the busiest corner during the recess period. As soon-as the bell rings the students rush to the Canteen. The school hums with life and activity. The senior students are cleverer than others. They take their turn before the junior students. The younger students lag behind. They have to stand and wait for their turn. This is the centre of attraction for most of the students.

The pocket money is soon spent up. Some students take tea while others take cold drinks. Samosas and Patties are very popular. Very few students like to have fruits in lunch time. It is half an hour show. Most of the students are in a hurry. But some of them are very slow. Now and then someone comes and order the cold drink. Someone is having sweets and others are gobbling up light snacks. Sometimes they have an interesting topic to discuss. It costs them a few rupees to spend their half an hour in canteen.

It is the most crowded place of the school. Light refreshment prepares the students for the remaining school hours. The students come and go enjoying their leisure time. This becomes a meeting place for the friends from different classes.

Varieties of eatables are displayed in the show cases. Sweets, potato chips, other packed snacks, bread and fruits are kept in the enclosure. Flies are kept off somehow. Pakoras, Samosas and Patties are hot and fresh. These are in great demand.

There goes the last bell! Sonic students again move towards the canteen. They take tea before they leave for home. Perhaps some pocket money is not yet spent up, and they would not return home without spending it. The teachers also make use of the canteen during their recess period. They do not move out of the school premises. Most of them like to take tea or fruit. Cold drinks are commonly gulped down in summer.

The scene at the canteen during the recess period is very exciting indeed. If the students do not co-operate there may be confusion. The man at the counter may not attend to them properly. The whole show maybe different. The students have to be present in their classes when the second bell rings. No student is to be seen thereafter. Other students go away, having a great time in the canteen.

Essay No. 02

A Scene at a School Canteen

A canteen is a place where students get refreshments during the recess.

During recess canteen becomes like a railway platform where all students appear in a hurry to be first

Students have a variety of eatables before them like Choley Bhature, Chaats, Samosas, Bread Pakoras etc. along with drinks to choose from like coffee, tea, cold drinks, lassi etc.

Students make a lot of noises in the canteen as they know they would not be punished. Some students even break into quarrels on the issue of getting service first. However, the owner of the canteen keeps calm as he is already prepared for this kind of rush and behaviour.

As the bell rings signaling the end of the recess, the students go back to their classes and the canteen assumes a deserted look.

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