Essay on “The Fast Food Lifestyle” for School, College Students, Long and Short Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Fast Food Lifestyle

Oh! How I love to eat fast food; especially when it has loads of cheese in it. Mom lets us eat fast food only once a month; she says fast food isn’t good for health, used to pester Mom for fast food until I saw what fast food did to my friend Mona.

I used to think Mona was lucky; her lunch box was always a treat with either a burger or slices of pizza or sometimes a Frankie. You would find Mona’s hand deep in a packet of Bingo or her mouth munching a block of cheese at short recess. After lunch Mona never played because she felt too heavy. At home, she always spent her time in front of the television downing a bottle of coke with some other fried savory.

Eventually, Mona got really fat and one day she fell very sick. The doctor said that Mona was obese and if she didn’t stop eating fast food she would get even sicker. After that day, Mona started eating vegetables and began to exercise. Ever since Mona quit her fast food lifestyle she has become healthier and fitter.

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