Essay on “The Evils of Science” for School Students English Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Evils of Science

Man uses science in various ways. He uses it to his day-to-day work with great advantage. There is no doubt that ‘science has been a blessing for mankind, but has been a great curse too for a human being when it is misused.

It is the man who puts it to a bad use. We know that everything is being done with the help of machines. The war strategy is different today. In some cases, one army does not see its opponent. The war is now fought with aircrafts by shelling over the enemy for destruction. We have the modernized weapons which can bring more casualties. The war is being fought with varieties of missiles which cause disaster. Almost all the nations are holding potential missiles baying long range firing capacity. There has been a great technical reform which has created the arms for mass destruct. The new arms, tanks, explosives, modernized machines, latest fighting air craft’s, fast communication system and computerization of warfare activities, have made the war more-deadly.

Science has produced fatal weapons like Atom and Hydrogen Bombs. There is much scientific advancement. It has produced rockets and inter-continental ballistic missiles which can enable us to drop heavy bombs upto long distance for destruction. The use of these weapons is very dangerous and can cause mass-scale massacre. Indeed, the entire civilization can be destroyed by using such weapons. It is really an evil for mankind. We know about the grave effects of Atom or the Hydrogen bomb. How Japanese suffered when American atom-bomb pounded Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945, which caused about 5,27,000 casualties. Each and Every Japanese recalls it tearfully even today.

This is the era of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons which are most dangerous and can destroy the complete civilization without loss of time. The world is living in a fearful atmosphere. Certain nations having nuclear capabilities are either threatening or black mailing others for using these weapons. There is a big arms race going on all over the world. It is dangerous for peace and security. The development work of all those countries involving in arms race and excess defence preparation, is badly suffering. They are economically weak and industrially lagging behind. They are incurring maximum expenditure in acquiring and storing arms.

The creation of deadly arms has generated terrorism which is a big problem before the world to-day. We know about terrorist attack on World Trade Centre on 11 Sep. 2001, which was a dangerous attack shaking the foundation of American economy. America is also restless because of the fear of terrorist attack. It has already wasted military strength in searching for the terrorist camps in Afghanistan without getting any success so far in this direction. Another attack which terrorists made was by blasting a series of bombs in underground train net-work and double-decker bus of UK in London on 7 July, 2005 that left 50 dead and over 1000 wounded. Other countries like Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka are also the victims of terrorism. A number of terrorist activities, one after the another, have been taking place in these countries for a long time. The terrorists are well equipped with modernized weapons and they have the latest means of communication to operate the acts of terrorism effectively. They are most successful in creating the proxy war. It is enough to terrorize the innocent people and destabilize the countries concerned. A lot of expenditure is being incurred by these countries for tackling terrorism. If we take the example of India, its half of the army and para military is deployed in different parts of Jammu & Kashmir and North-East for tackling the armed terrorists. A huge number of security forces and common masses have lost their lives in various terrorist actions in different parts of the country. Terrorist attack on Indian Parliament by well-equipped terrorists on 13 Dec., 2001 shows that even Delhi which is the Capital of India is not safe because of growing terrorism. Terrorism is a great threat to the internal as well as external security of the country. It is to be tackled diplomatically, or politically. Military action should be the last resort. There is no place for terrorism in a country like India which has ever been peace loving.

Though the main aim of America and Britain was for occupying Iraq by rooting out the regime of Saddam Hussein for capturing its oil, for which Iraq is known to the world, these countries declared war on Iraq on the plea that the latter was holding dangerous weapons, which could destroy the masses with great fatality. The war itself caused huge destruction and brutal massacre in Iraq. It is a case of misuse of power which science has created.

There are a number of evils in other ways. Man was doing maxi-mum work manually and maintain good health. Now, maximum work is being carried out with machines which has made man lethargic and physically weak.

Science has created capitalism. The industries which are the gift of science, have created two big classes in the society. On the one hand, there are big capitalists who own the industries. On the other hand, there are poor labourers, who work from morning till night, but do not get even two full meals a day. The capitalists exploit the innocent labourers which generally creates the conflict between the two.

A lot many things have come in the market as a result of scientific inventions. Though some items are essential, most other items are extravagant and for luxury. But man is running after all the items for his comforts. The result is that he is either curtailing his essentials or borrowing the money to meet his lavish living style.

Though science has made our life comfortable and progressive, it has also created varieties of dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Man is not feeling safe in the world and is badly involved in arms race and conflict.

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